Howdy! by Daniel Purvis

A quick introduction: My name is Daniel and I'm an illustrator from Adelaide, Australia. This is first time I've had a blog in a while and I'm looking forward to throwing words into the ether again—it's been far too long.

I originally got a start into the videogame industry by volunteering and writing for the University of Adelaide's student rag On Dit back in 2005. This eventually led to the development of many wonderful friendships and the realisation it is possible to make a living doing something you love. This led on to writing for Escapist Magazine, Hyper Magazine, Pixel Hunt, Games.On.Net, GamingSA, PlayStatic, db Magazine, and other, and I eventually took a job at Adam Internet working in PR and communications for a number of years.

I was captured by the world of illustration and design during this time and encouraged by friends to pursue this as a career path the more I explored the industry. In 2009 I was able to study Visual Communication and Graphic Design at the University of South Australia, graduating in 2011.

Never being one to rest on my haunches, I was lucky enough to kick off a number of industry jobs while studying through contacts at Hyper Magazine where I had writer friends looking for fresh artwork to support the wonderful, conceptual and provocative writings of Daniel Golding—a commission that I was honoured to fill for five years. I also secured an internship job with new magazine Kill Screen under the guidance of editors Jamin Warren and Ryan Kuo who provided me with an amazing experience and taught me the value of concepting and working quickly to meet sometimes daily illustration deadlines.

My passion has always been with the communication and media industries, especially for those providing access to wonderful stories, amazing writers, interesting theories, science and nature, videogames, music and culture and all of the things that make enjoying human life the experience it is.

I truly feel blessed to have had the opportunity to discover this pathway and to pursue it whole-heartedly.

I cannot thank my parents and friends enough for their endless support.